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Frequently Asked Questions

You can redeem your Macpac Gift Card at any participating Macpac store across New Zealand, or online at

To find out your nearest store, please visit our store locator

If you have just ordered a Gift Card to be delivered by mail, please allow between 7-10 business days for your Gift Card to be delivered. Gift Cards are sent as a letter via NZ post. If you have been waiting over 10 business days for your Gift Card to be delivered, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 0800 622 722.

Content guidelines

Images/videos must be personally created by you and must ensure it does not breach any intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other rights of any third party.
Images/videos must:
  • not contain provocative, sexual, violent or otherwise offensive content
  • not contain nudity or semi nudity
  • not contain profanity or obscenities
  • not contain firearms or weapons or appear to be violent or abusive
  • not contain libellous, defamatory, discriminative or other content deemed offensive
  • not contain material that could infringe copyright, including without limitation, images of celebrities, actors, musicians, sports people, cartoons or other famous people
  • not contain racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter
  • not contain images that show illegal or anti-social behaviour
  • not contain nationalistic, political statements or politically motivated messages or symbols
All Videos/Images that are submitted will be reviewed prior to being available for review to ensure that video/images are appropriate and do not infringe any rights.

Q. Can I personalise a Macpac eGift Card?

Yes, you can personalise a Macpac eGift Card with a photo or video message, available all year around.

Q. Can I personalise a physical Macpac Gift Card?

No. Only digital Macpac eGift Cards can be personalised on the Macpac website.

Q. How does it work?

  1. Visit to purchase a Macpac eGift Card
  2. At checkout, you have the option to record a video message, upload a pre-recorded video, take a photo or instead add a picture
  3. Confirm that you are not uploading media that goes against the Macpac upload guidelines. These can be found here
  4. Save/upload your Personalised Video/Photo
  5. Once the Video/Photo has been approved your recipient will receive an email with a link to their eGift Card with their personal message to view.

Q. What format does my image need to be in?

You can upload images in any of the following formats: JPEG, JPG or PNG

Q. What format does my video need to be in?

You can upload your video in any of the following formats: Anything supported by your browser (MOV, MP4, WEBM)

Q. Is there a size restriction?

Video recordings/uploads:
  • Anything supported by your browser up to 60 seconds and 100MB
  • Photo uploads: maximum file size is 100MB
Remember, if you use a low resolution photo or over zoom, the Image/Video may not be clear when uploaded. A sharp, close-up shot is ideal with suitable lighting.

Q. Is there additional charges to add a Video/Image to the Macpac Personalised Gift Card?

No. There are no additional costs to personalisation eGift Cards.

Q. Can I upload an image of my family or friends?

Yes, provided you have their permission, or in the case of someone under the age of 16 years, the permission of their parent or legal guardian.

Q. Can I see what my Personalised Image/Video looks like before I submit?

Yes, you will have a chance to review the Video/Image before submitting it for final processing

Q. How long is my Personalised Video/Image available for?

Recordings will be hosted for 30 days, and then deleted. The recording will not be shared with any third parties. Be sure to download the Image/Video before the files are removed

Q. What happens if Macpac does not accept the Video/Image I have uploaded?

We will notify you and invite you to try again

Q. Can I use more than one Video/Image Personalised eGift Card?

You can only select either one image or one video

Q. Can I change my image?

Changes cannot be made once you have submitted. Please note that refunds will not be provided if the incorrect Video/Image is uploaded due to an error on your part.

Q. Can I cancel a Personalised eGift Card?

Once your Video/Image has been uploaded, you cannot cancel your Personalised Macpac eGift Card order or ‘change your mind’. This does not apply if your eGift Card is faulty or does not meet a Consumer Guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law.

Q. Why am I unable to upload my Video/Image?

There are a few reasons your Video/Image may not be uploading or you are unable to use the site, such as:
  • Your Video/Image does not meet the file format or size requirements
  • Your Video/Image is not currently stored on your device or computer
  • Your device or computer settings are not compatible or out of date
  • You have not allowed the browser to access the camera or photo album on your device or computer

Q. Can I use any device or computer?

Please ensure your device or computer is compatible with the below
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • Desktop: Windows 8 and above
  • Mobile operating systems: iOS 9 and above / Android 4.4 and above

Q. Can I purchase more than one Personalised eGift Card?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of Personalised Macpac eGift Cards an individual can purchase. You have the choice to purchase multiple Personalised Macpac eGift Cards and upload the same Video/Image to multiple Personalised Gift Cards.

Orders from outside of New Zealand are accepted on our website, however Gift Cards will only be delivered to New Zealand residential or business addresses.

Gift Cards are unable to be exchanged, returned or refunded as they are treated like cash.

Please treat your eGift Card like cash. Any lost gift cards are unable to be resent or replaced.

Please treat your eGift Card like cash. Any lost gift cards are unable to be resent or replaced.

Gift Cards purchased on or after the 11th October 2018 have no expiry date.

Gift Cards purchased prior to the 11th October 2018 are valid for use for 3 years (36 months). Any balance that remains on a Gift Card purchased prior to 11th October 2018 will not be available for use after the expiry date.

This excludes Ultimate Cards and Promotion Gift Cards, please refer to the expiry date printed on these cards.

No, once a Gift Card has been purchased, the value is unable to be increased or reloaded.

If you have just ordered an eGift Card delivery should be instant once your payment has been successful. Please note, eGift Cards are delivered once payment is approved and may be delayed up to 6 hours. Use of emojis or special characters in your eGift Card message may delay processing by 12-24 hours. Please do not use any special characters or emojis. If you have not received your eGift Card in your inbox after this time, please check the junk and spam mail folders, and contact our Customer Care Centre if you are unable to locate it.

Yes, you can use up to 3 Gift Cards per transaction, instore or online.

You can use your Gift Card as many times as you like until the balance is zero. If you do make a payment that exceeds your remaining balance, you can make up the difference with another form of payment.

Please note, this site uses cookies and you will need to have this setting enabled in your internet browser to complete your purchase. To update, go to the 'tools' tab in your internet browser, normally found under internet settings/privacy options. If you continue to have difficulty placing your order, please consider switching to a different browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. .

No, once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled or changed.

Gift Cards purchased in store can be loaded with value between $10 to $500.

Gift Cards purchased online can be loaded with value between $20 to $500. You can order a maximum of $1000 of gift cards in a single transaction.

Yes, for an eGift Card, you can customise your message up to 400 characters (including spaces). The message will be displayed on the eGift Card. Gift Cards sent via mail will not be able to include a personalised message.